"Shakespeare: Hiding In Plain Sight"

Robin Phillips, CEO, Groundbreaker Films LLC will be presenting the final cut of her 93-minute documentary film at the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship annual conference in Oakland, CA in October.

“Scholarship brushed with humor.” — This meticulously-researched film is a delightful, witty, funny, saucy exploration —and a visual feast —of why ‘the tradesman from Stratford’ could not have written the courtly works of “Shakespeare.” Forgotten 400-year old clues hiding in plain sight helped to solve this mystery. The film reveals a fascinating tale of the secrets and disguises of one nobleman whose name was lost for centuries — but whose literary genius defined the entire Elizabethan era.  

"Shakespeare: Hiding In Plain Sight" - Official Film Trailer

Watch the official 3 minute trailer for "Shakespeare: Hiding In Plain Sight”  The full feature-length film will premiere following submission to international film festivals.

"The Laws of Dérogeance" Cut Both Ways

Watch "The Laws of Dérogeance cut both ways," a 'snippet' from the  forthcoming film, "Shakespeare: Hiding In Plain Sight" by Robin  Phillips.

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Robin Phillips


Robin Phillips is a singer/actress/producer/playwright and public speaker. She writes her own scripts for lively narrations for intimate opera companies and concert pianists in the Washington, D.C. area

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